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Chairman's Tenet

Enriched experience and Versatility provide reliance to the enthusiastic

to introduce various reforms and implement effective programs to put an end to the barriers faced by them in attaining their abilities and capabilities. The experience also provides analytical assessment that many areas are to be amended and make the things attainable to gain content and reputation. I can assert with pride and firmness that with my30 + Years of experience I have been installing various methodologies to bring out the marvels and initiating the programs to raise the trust levels of the students in various spheres. During the course of my selfless service to the education sector I am extracting the privileges to cater the best. Accordingly the same is realized. With a very clear mission and vision, I am putting my efforts in large number to prove that everything is considerable to make achievable for the students of all the sections.

With a view to make it understandable and feasible, I am rendering the premier service in the form of schools and colleges. The institutions set up by me are of international standards and world based infrastructural facilities.The trait oriented education is even provided to the students of rural, remote and tribal areas. The students who are in rural areas are also made par with the students of urban and metropolitan areas by offering them education with the distinguished and dedicated faculty.


The students are also taught with the high level of knowledge as I have started the educational institutions with the prediction that challenges should be met eternally irrespective of the environment prevailing.

Mother is the Principal of the family. Similarly the Education is the determinant of the triumphant attitude of any student pursuing education in this competitive society. Education should be imparted in the most innovative and creative way to the students by which they put their endeavor to hit their agenda. I take it as the most elevated opportunity to put a few words before you that I am investing my time to make the students meet the challenges arising in the society and day to day activities. The records provide the in formation on the grounds of the firm genuineness that we need to be very much conscious to make the students earn proper learning in combination with the increment in their levels of knowledge and wisdom.

Institutions are fond to input knowledge but not wisdom but I certainly inculcate knowledge and wisdom in the minds of the students to ensure that they would be judged and rated the most progressive in the society. Changes are taking place very rapidly in the scope of the education for which we need to modify our plans, programs, reports and restructure the schedules and strategies to meet the challenges and make the aspirants very much habituated to the system.

Flowers are to be properly strung to make the finest garland, in the same way the management should always go through the performance of the students and find out the areas where ample motivation should be installed for them with a main notion to attain the status of competitive and acceptable to the programs.

With my experience I feel very optimistically to assert that an appreciable number of programs are chalked out and enforced with the main emphasis to decrement the number of unemployed, uneducated and increase the number of opportunities to the students. A stringent approach has been fabricated to drive out the evils like negligence, laziness, drowsiness and other bad traits which are acting as the obstacles to their success.

As the Schools I am running are all of sound planning and effective  signing, no student can be left uncovered, which means all will be covered to cover all. It has been viewed that Eminence and Proficiency should be implemented in the Education arena with a view to transform the attitudes of the student elite of all scenarios. Transformation in Education should be driven irrespective of the changes and parameters in the society as it would influence the survival abilities.

Education is the supreme factor which exerts influence over every field.It is encompassed of various featured traits which enable us to be supreme in the arenas of earning and learning. Taking this prominence into utmost consideration, I have sowed the seeds to get well-equipped with education since my childhood and desired to become very exemplary in Education. Accordingly,with the abundant blessings of the Goddess Saraswathi Matha and teachers, I have driven my desire towards the track of catering education to the elite of Maharashtra.

With the utmost inspiration drawn from the preaching of the Youth Icon and Inspirer of today’s generation Sri Swamy Vivekananda and Former First Vice-President of our Republic India “Bharatha Ratna” Dr. Sarvepalli RadhaKrishna, I have chalked out the proviso and code of conduct which need to be followed stringently and scrupulously by the students and faculty. In this way, the institutions are meritoriously initiated in Maharashtra with a few number of students in the year 1991, now with the enchanting rates of victories crept in the institutions, the institution encompassing of College has been transformed into Group of Schools & Colleges. The group led by me in Kolhapur has become the synonym for sensational results and sophisticated infrastructure with the finest education.

With the majestic rates of success achieved in the group of schools and colleges established by me, I have been honored with the most prestigious and exalted awards. They have acted as the influential to me to render more to the most with the best.


Mr. P.R. Bhosale

Sanjeevan Knowledge City, Panhala