Science Lab


The laboratory is that valuable asset of a school that reflects the activity based learning system and various educational aids to assist the students.

These labs are the real learning aids that enhance the learning process of students thereby nurturing their wide spectrum of talents.

Science Laboratory

The science labs of Sanjeevan are a combination of science, knowledge and technology. The material, equipment,charts, educational aids are available in this lab and it attracts the students towards it thereby stimulating the scientific temperament in the students. Students conduct the experiments with concentration. Under the guidance of their subject expertise. Thus the lab proves its liabilities to create scientists of tomorrow.

Mathematics Department

The mathematics Dept. plays a vital role in the intellectual development of students. Various mathematical aids in the lab nurture this learning process. Maths is made easy with happy play way method and practicals. This reduces and eradicates the fear of Maths from the minds of students while imparting the knowledge of triangle-rectangle,principles and theorems, students are also made to develop a positive attitude towards everything.

Information Technology [Computer Department]

The computer dept. plays an important role to reveal the identity of students as makers of 21stcentury. Modern computers sets, Wi-Fi system, digital boards enhance the information technology knowledge of students. The future citizen and nation makers of a proud country dream to create an ideal India on the screens of computers.

At small age, the students handle all the systems very efficiently to prove their link with information and technology. These kids indeed are the future dreams of India